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0-9 months

If something you are interested in is out of stock, please send us an email ( and we can let you know when it will be back - it might not be long.  

Little ones during this time need lots of multi-sensory stimulation. They love to look at interesting things like mobiles. They put everything in their mouth. They love toys that are easy to grasp and that they can reach out and bat or fiddle with. They like toys that make gentle sounds such as rattles and  bells and that have components that dangle or move. They like things that they can shake, rattle or roll. As they learn to sit independently and crawl, they start to develop an interest in manipulative play too - putting things inside other things, stacking and exploring. 

All of our toys are made from sustainable wood with paints that are totally child-safe, eco-friendly and water-based - completely safe if they go in a child’s mouth.


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