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Counting Stacker

Counting Stacker

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This is an absolutely gorgeous toy for counting and maths skills. 

Children can start by simply placing the rings on the posts, matching by colour. They can then start to match by number and count the rings. 

This toy can also be used to help children learn maths skills like addition and subtraction. Children can take a post and use the different colours to see how many ways they can make the equivalent number. For example, you could make 4 by using 2 red and 2 blue rings, or 3 red and 1 blue, or one each of red, blue, green and purple. 

Another good game is to use the 10 post with all the rings on it (or a lower number for younger children) and have one person close their eyes while the other takes some rings away and hides them. The person with eyes closed opens them and counts how many rings are left on the post and then tried to guess how many have been hidden. Once they've guessed, reveal the hidden rings and count them onto the pole to see if they were right.

Playing games like this really helps children learn basic number partners in an experiential and hands-on way. 

With creativity, you can also use this toy for other purposes like threading, making patterns, learning number patterns, subtraction and lots more.