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Do you feel like you are literally drowning in toys, constantly picking up after your kids who go through their toy box like a tornado but never really engage with anything?

Do you find yourself questioning the value your children's toys or feel lost trying to find toys they can actually learn from?

Do you find it difficult or tiresome playing with your children?

You are not alone.

Many parents today experience this!

Playdates can help.

Playdates are what we call our in-home play workshops and toy demonstrations.

Playdates help you demystify toy purchasing. They help inform your buying choices by giving you the essential guidelines for buying quality toys that will last and positively impact your child's learning and development. Playdates help you know what to look for in a great, developmentally appropriate toy and the right toy can help you to appreciate and marvel at how your children are growing and developing everyday. Playdates teach you to speak the language of play.

Playdates save you and your friends time, money and the hassle of navigating shopping centres with your kids. You won't have to drag your children away from shelves of brightly coloured plastic with a playdate. Children are happy to help and pack up after our Playdates as part of the process.

Our toys 'come for a visit, may come back another day and some special ones may come to stay'. 

Playdates allow you to access special offers, free bonuses and tips that are only available to Playdate hosts and their guests. 

Playdates are a relaxing way to experience our range in the comfort of your own home, with the added benefit of free delivery. 

A Thinkberry Grove Playdate is an opportunity for fun, connection, support, and sharing. 


Think for a moment how many toys kids have that would drive you crazy! Are there any that you actually love? How many toys do kids play with for a minute and then don't touch for a month or longer?

Now ask yourself how much easier is it to engage with your child and observe their delight and sense of accomplishment with something that also delights you?

Through Playdates we help you have more fun with your kids by providing beautiful toys that are thoughtfully and artfully made, discovering new adventures and new ways of play. We can show you how to push the envelope and get the most out of your kid's toys, saving you money, helping your children develop their creativity and appreciation for what they have and helping the planet.


Through a shared appreciation of great toys, Playdates help you foster strong connections with your kids and with fellow parents. Simply by gathering with like minded parents and family and engaging with our toys we can help you simplify and focus on what your kids really need. We are constantly bombarded as parents with toy overload and it's hard to navigate. Playdates help you slow down, take your time and celebrate your child's learning journey.


We know that as conscious parents you want to provide great experiences and opportunities. We have heard you and we are here to help. 

At Thinkberry Grove we know great toys and we know kids. We are Mums and Educators and Therapists. We know why and how certain toys provide better experiences and learning opportunities for your children.

Through Playdates we support you in your commitment to provide wonderful learning opportunities for your little ones. Your playroom can become a well thought out space of wonder and imagination that is easy to manage and provides a haven for endless creativity, social and emotional role play and cognitive development. 



Playdates are a great way for parents to access not only our wealth of knowledge and experience but share what things work for their children. All it takes is the three C's. Children, Community and a Cuppa. 

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Well designed toys inspire the type of play in children that is the foundation for health, well being and academic success. Teachers have known for decades that engaging with educational toys and instruments in early childhood can have a significant impact on language, reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving later in life and now science is proving what we already instinctively knew; that play-based learning in early childhood is a vital and integral part of lasting health and happiness. 

If you would like to book a Playdate, access great special offers and host rewards and explore how play can help your child's development, fill in the enquiry form below and our Playdates Coordinator Danielle will contact you.