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Balloon Ball - Rainbow

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Balloon balls are fabulous! They consist of a sturdy fabric cover with a button-hole. Insert an uninflated helium-quality balloon into the hole and blow it up as big as you can. Tuck the balloon tie inside the cover. Ta da! Now you have a balloon-ball that is almost unbreakable, will not pop when played with on grass or rough surfaces and that will provide many hours of entertainment for babies, children, teens and even adults.  

With the fabric cover, balloon balls are safe for babies as they are very strong and unlikely to pop. If they did pop for some reason, the noise is muffled and the balloon cannot explode in the baby's face. 

Because they are strong, they can also be kicked, hit with a bat (balloon soccer, tennis or badminton and volleyball are great for teens) and played with outdoors as well as indoors. When the balloon starts to deflate, simply pop it, remove it and put in a new one.  

Balloon balls can be used at the beach and pool and if the covers are wet or dirty, simply remove the balloon from inside the cover and machine or hand-wash it and hang it out to dry.  

Balloon balls are also brilliant for travel or excursions.The covers fold up into a tiny space and weight next to nothing. Take a cover and uninflated balloon with you in your handbag or car in order to have a fun ball on hand any time! 

Keep them at your house or Nanna's place, or send one to a friend (they’re super cheap and simple to post!). In fact, all of us here at ILS tend to keep one in the glove box, one in the handbag, one in the carry-all and one in the nic-nac kitchen drawer at home. A few packets of balloons in various spots and you’ve got yourself (or your kids!) action packed fun wherever you go.