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Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods

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Wooden Cuisenaire Rods are a wonderful 308-piece set presented in a wooden box with compartments and a perspex lid. 

Cuisenaire Rods are a great educational aid which can be used to teach addition, subtraction and multiplication.

The rods help to give you child a physical size to their maths problems and help them to visualize the results. 

Not only are they a superb educational aid they are also really fun to play with and wonderful for creating buildings and complex coloured patterns. Just fitting all the pieces in the compartments is a game and challenge in itself. 

As with all great toys this one blurs the line between play and learning. We really can't recommend it highly enough!

Set Contains: Orange 6, White 176, Brown 6, Blue 6, Black 10, Green 10, Small Green 36, Yellow 10, Red 12, Small Red 36. 

 Size: Box is 32.5 x 17.5cm

 Material: Wood, Perspex Lid 

 Age: 3 +

This is a wonderfully versatile resource for children to learn mathematics, counting, fraction and develop fine motor skills and logical thinking. 

Cuisenaire rods are rods varying from 1 to 10 centimeter and increase in 1 cm increments. As students explore the relationships between the pieces they may learn about partitioning, fractions, algebra and problem solving.