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Cutting Fruit Box

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This delightful wooden playset contains one pear, one orange, one apple, one watermelon, one banana, one strawberry, one kiwifruit, one lemon, a cutting board and a wooden play knife. It comes packaged in a wooden box with a sliding perspex lid. 

The fruit is in two pieces connected by sturdy velcro. The play knife can slice through the velcro and makes a satisfying cutting sound as it does so. 

This play set is great for imaginary play, tea parties, play shops and other childhood games. It's also great as a puzzle for young ones to connect the halves of the fruit to the right match. 

It's a great toy for young children to develop fine motor skills in learning to pull apart and put back together the fruit and older children will love cutting it with the knife and using it in their imaginary and social play.