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Mini Microscope

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Mini Microscope (MiMicro for short) is perfect for budding biologists, or those who want to explore the world in more detail. This pocket microscope is extremely small (4cm x 4cm) and super lightweight. 

With a 60x magnification, even the smallest item is easy to get sharp and in view. Examine skin and hair, study plant life in the garden, and zoom in on the tiny fibres in clothes. MiMicro features a light that provides a bright, clear image. You'll want to take this with you everywhere you go!

This is truly a wonderful product for curious young people. I personally love it and have one that I use sometimes to look at fabric, wood, leaves, hair and anything really. I find it just amazing to look at things 60x magnified. And unlike a traditional microscope, you don't need slides - just place it right onto whatever you want to look at. 

Age guide: from 6 years. Comes with a battery which is a watch battery - easily replaced and inexpensive but the battery should last years though.