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Rail: Hape Rainbow Route Railway

Rail: Hape Rainbow Route Railway

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This little train comes chugging along the activity track! And it's not just any activity track, because it's a MUSICAL activity track!

Drive the train over the metal xylophone, around curving track pieces, through the tambourine gulch, over the shape sorting plains, and through the colored bead maze!

Little ones can lift and remove the shapes from the sorter--and learn that one side has tracks in the shapes, and one side does not! It's a little trial and error play when building a train track through a shape sorter!

This set features the cars from Hape's Take A Look Train! The train cars themselves are filled with fun! There's a mirror car, an inversion car that turns everything upside down, and a patterned window train that breaks the world into multiple images when you gaze through it!

Encourage your little one to sort out crazy shapes as they send their train tinkling across the musical tracks! Good times are sure to come rolling along.

Musical Rainbow Railway
  • Wooden train track set with musical elements
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, track building, interest in musical sounds, trains
  • Drive over the metal xylophone bridge
  • Click together the curving track pieces
  • Go through the tambourine gulch
  • Drive over shape sorting plains with removable shape pieces
  • Roll under the colored bead maze
  • Each train car offers a mirror, illusion glass, or inversion glass
  • Includes: train engine and 3 train cars, 2 green track pieces, 2 blue track pieces, 2 red track pieces, 2 yellow track pieces, tambourine track, metal xylophone track, bead maze track, shape sorter track with three removable shape pieces