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Real Tool Kit

Real Tool Kit

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This tool kit is an ideal way for children of around 6-7 years and older to start to learn basic carpentry and building skills. The kit contains 16 tools made of wood and metal that really work.

It comes in a beautiful, wooden carry case and will delight any child who loves to make things with wood.

Because these are real tools, albeit designed for children, children should be taught correct safety procedure for using these tools and they should always be used under supervision.

Once they know how to use real tools safely, this kit provides children with a wealth of opportunities for learning and creating that cannot be rivaled by 'play tools' rather than real tools. Children from around the age of 5 can use these tools provided they do so with supervision and children will delight in being able to practice their carpentry skills with genuine metal tools!

Case measures 32 x 25 x 8cm

MUST BE USED UNDER SUPERVISION. Recommended for use with children 8+ but suitable for children 5-7 with appropriate supervision.