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Witchy Kitty

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Abra-cat-dabra! Witchy kitty has been magically transformed, and you must figure out how to get her back!

Pick a puzzle, and arrange her ears, head, body, and feet according to the card. Then gather up the potions - and play them in the proper order - to flip kitty back to her feline self. Each elixir has a unique effect. Deducing which ones to use will take logic, focus, and a dash of hocus-pocus!

This is a wonderful logic game for one player or for a couple of people working together. The artwork is absolutely stunning and it's an excellent mind challenge for people ages 8 and up. 

We're big believers in helping kids develop logical and deductive reasoning through games like this one. It helps them with maths skills later and in other areas too, as well as fostering problem-solving skills. 

This game has 40 challenges that start at an easy beginner level but work their way up to very complex expert level!